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Why a Points Program as a means to deliver FREE services

August 27th 2015

Some people get a little confused about our offer of FREE services.  All of our services are indeed FREE; however, we don’t just hand out boxes of diapers and packages of baby wipes to everyone who walks in the door.

Why? Because we want what we do to be truly helpful to people who choose to participate in our program. We want to be more than FREE stuff to families. We want to use this opportunity to be helpful to our clients as they move forward---many from a very difficult place in their lives. Most of those of us who serve here know from experience that when life gets tough making a simple decision can be overwhelming. So, we want to be helpful as our clients strive to overcome the consequences of a few unwise choices or a series of unfortunate incidents.

For instance we know that there is nothing more important than setting a goal when you need to make some changes. And, conversely there is nothing more difficult than to think clearly to set a goal when life is hard. We want to help our clients think beyond today to a time when the impact of some small changes made now will open up options in the future for the whole family. (Meet a goal and earn 50 points!)

We’ve always been glad that when we encourage a young woman or a family to welcome a “surprise” in the form of an unexpected pregnancy, that we can support her in a number of ways. First and probably most important is that we can offer truth and encouragement. God tells us in the Bible; His written Word ALL children are sent from Him to be a blessing. Yet, we understand that this particular blessing requires a lot of stuff. We’re pleased to offer encouragement with one hand and material good support to the degree the mom (or family) participates in the program. We’ve had many clients who come take advantage of the full 24 month window.

Still, you ask—But why a points system? Why not just hand stuff out to whoever needs it? Very simple. Earning and redeeming points increases the self worth of a person. Handouts make us all feel crummy---if not now, in the long run. The last thing we want to do is to contribute to the negative feelings of anyone. We’ve found that achievement and success that comes as clients earn what they need, is often the catalyst needed to make some far bigger and more significant positive choices.

Exactly what is the points program? How does it work? What is required? Here are some examples of ways a client can earn points to redeem what is needed for the new baby or any child less than 24 months. Even an immediate need at the start of pregnancy: maternity clothes. Bring us a photo of the new baby for our bulletin board and get 50 points. Read one of the books from our bookshelf---even a novel—and talk to your advocate---50 points! Dad comes in too? That’s 25 points each time. Refer a friend in need of services and get 10 points. We don’t offer parenting classes at this time, but we can refer you to programs where you can take the classes and we’ll give you 50 points. What happens if you don’t do anything except come in for your regularly scheduled (Once a month) appointment? You get 20 points to use toward the 25 points required for a packet of 25 diapers….and; you get to choose something from the gift basket. These are just a few examples of ways the points program is helpful and encouraging to our clients.

It is our delight to serve our clients in ways which provide long term benefits and immediate blessings. We love the points program because through it everyone wins. We accomplish our goal and each client who participates has the opportunity to accomplish goals too.

Written by Hope

I am finally ready to share my abortion story. It’s true what they will think about it every single day. Just as I think about my living children every day. I know now that I will never stop thinking about the baby that I aborted. . Read this chemical abortion story >

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