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What You Can Expect When You Visit Pregnancy & Family Resource Center…

December 17th 2015

The best way to begin your visit with us is to call us at 909-382-4550 to schedule an appointment. Barbara, our Office Manager is usually the one to answer the phone. She answers questions and schedules appointments. If she is gone for the day or at lunch, your call will be answered by another staff member or a dedicated volunteer who wants to make sure your questions are answered and your needs are met.

Although we can often take walk-ins, we can’t guarantee you can be seen the day you come down. Because all of our services are free we are usually very busy and the wait for an opening when someone doesn’t show for an appointment may be very long.

If you need a pregnancy test, we ask that you have skipped two full menstrual cycles. Although we use very reliable professional grade pregnancy tests, hormone levels can fluctuate with or without a pregnancy.  

We have established our business hours for your convenience. Monday we open at 1PM and close at 8 PM for women who work or are in school. On Monday are first appointment is 1:15 PM and our last appointment as late as 7 PM. Tuesday through Friday we open at 9 AM and close at 4 PM. We schedule a full day of appointment beginning at 9 AM to 3:30 PM. At this time we have no weekend hours.

When you come in for your first appointment we ask you to bring a photo ID. This can be a driver license, school ID, Costco/Sam’s card—anything with your photo. We will keep a copy in your file. When you come in for another appointment we will always check the photo to ensure your privacy and identity is not compromised. A photo ensures us the visitor is who she/he claims to be. If you already have a pregnancy verification (written proof from a Drs’ office or clinic that you are pregnant), please bring that with you too.

You are welcome to bring a friend or family member with you, but remember our seating is limited. To maintain client confidentiality you and your guests are not able to use cell phones or tablets in our facility. There is no smoking within 25 feet of our front door. Please do not bring anything to eat or drink other than water to help us maintain a clean environment for everyone.

We love children, but understand we do not provide childcare. Children need to be supervised at all times by yourself or someone you bring with you to watch your children. If your child is tired and/or disruptive we will need to reschedule you for another time when you can arrange for childcare.

The first thing you will do when you arrive for your appointment is begin to complete the intake form. Once you’ve completed the front page and had your ID photocopied an available advocate will invite you in to a consultation room to complete the intake form with you and discuss how best we can serve you. Our policy is that we always see our clients alone for the first visit. This is an across-the-board policy and is applicable to all with no exceptions. Partners, parents and friends will need to wait until an appropriate time to be invited in to the discussion. We are dedicated to our clients and this policy allows for the opportunity for disclosure of private information.

All of our services and referrals are free for you. You don’t pay for anything, and you do not need to qualify. We want to help and support you in ways that will be meaningful to you. Be sure to share your needs and challenges with your advocate.

You’ve probably read about the free services on our website; however, to review, services available to you are a pregnancy test, prenatal vitamins, non-diagnostic ultrasound, lending library, educational videos and you can participate in our points program to get some of the items you need for your baby or children 24 months or younger. We are not trained or licensed counselors, but we can refer you to those who are and who accept payment by insurance or on a sliding scale according to income. Our advocates are trained and able to help guide you as you make decisions, set goals for yourself and your family, offer friendship and prayer support and refer you to resources in the community. We can’t guarantee we will meet all your needs, but be assured we will do our best to see to it you have what you need.

Another free service is the SaveOne group Bible study for women and men who have experienced abortion and know they need help to work through the pain to healing. We all know we are free to make choices, but we cannot choose the consequences of our choices. In most instances, people are surprised at the intensity of the consequences of a choice to abort a child.

To choose abortion over parenting or developing an adoption plan, can result in extreme pain and can lead to a destructive life style. The desire of Sonja Bates and Cynthia Mossman, our two SaveOne facilitators is to help you to come to terms with the choice, deal with the consequences, discover how you can be forgiven (forgive yourself) and move forward. This group study is also free except for a small $12 investment for the study guide. We ask each participant pay for her/his own book as a first step to commit to the healing process.

Right now, if you are pregnant and/or in need of help, information and the services we offer call us to see how we can help. If you’re local we can schedule an appointment. If you don’t live in our community we can answer questions and help you find resources in your area. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Written by Hope

I am finally ready to share my abortion story. It’s true what they will think about it every single day. Just as I think about my living children every day. I know now that I will never stop thinking about the baby that I aborted. . Read this chemical abortion story >

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