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We’re Living the Challenge...

August 29th 2016

This time around I did not watch The Olympics on T.V. in my home, but I saw many clips on YouTube and other internet sites. I confess I’m not very athletic, but I appreciate strength, stamina and skill, especially when someone has worked very hard for many years to achieve the ability to compete on an international basis. Such a commitment is awe inspiring. One could say that athlete is “Living the challenge.”

Whether we make the effort to actually get started, continue, improve skills or prepare for competition, it’s all a huge challenge that one cannot visit occasionally. A serious competitor must live the experience each day. There is no way one could hope to stay focused unless the desired outcome is no longer a dream, but a goal---more real with each milestone.  The bottom line…the point I’m making is this: No one achieves anything without making a choice to “live there,” or in other words your goal must become your consistent focus.

I’m not an athlete, but I do understand the need to set goals and choose my focus. I have a yellow Post-It hanging from my computer monitor which reads, “I’m living the challenge…Trust.” That’s the goal I have set---to trust God even when everything in my life says He is “guilt.” Lately, the challenge to trust God in circumstances that don’t look like God is good or just or merciful has been my constant companion.

The challenge is to not buy in to incorrect thinking because of how I feel or how bad my situation might appear. How do I live a life above my circumstances? How do I live focused in the truth about God and His love for me? When things go south I must have a spiritual muscle developed to meet the obstacles before me. I must have the strength to overcome. Like an athlete, I prepare for the tests before they come to me.

Isaiah 40 tells us, "He who waits upon the Lord will renew their strength. He will mount of with wings as eagles. He will walk and not be weary. He will run and not faint.” Our faith muscle is developed by faith as we wait and trust God is who He claims to be. We find that out as we read The Bible and prayer. Then we ask, “Lord, teach me to wait."

Wait for your answer. It’s coming. Meanwhile, focus on The One who has the answer and is happy to reveal it to you…all at the very best time.

Written by Hope

I am finally ready to share my abortion story. It’s true what they will think about it every single day. Just as I think about my living children every day. I know now that I will never stop thinking about the baby that I aborted. . Read this chemical abortion story >

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