Truth About Abortion

Have you been told abortion is a safe, simple and pain-free procedure?


Almost 100% of women who choose abortion regret that decision because of the following:

  • Cervical muscle may be damaged which can cause higher rates of miscarriage and premature birth in future pregnancies.
  • The uterine wall can easily be punctured and result in infection, hemorrhage and blood clots. This may not be detected right away.
  • Scar tissue can form and cause future sterilization, miscarriage or tubal pregnancies.
  • Two out of ten women who have abortions will never again have children.


Immediate relief felt is replaced by:

  • Guilt
  • Sadness
  • Depression
  • Nightmares
  • Inability to bond to others
  • Misplaced anger
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Hardened heart and spirit
  • Repressed emotions
  • Loss of maternal instincts which may result in child abuse and neglect.


  • They call YOUR baby a "product of conception" or "a blob of tissue".
  • To encourage a woman to carry her baby will result in a loss of revenue.
  • An abortion provider will make more money in the 30 minutes it takes to do abortion than an Obstetrician receives caring for the expectant mom for nine months.
  • The baby's father will often encourage an abortion to escape child support and responsibilities.
  • They will not tell women abortion raises cancer risks AT LEAST 50%.
  • Breast cancer in post abortive women is more aggressive, harder to treat and more invasive.


  • Suction aspiration method uses a vacuum device 29 times more powerful than a home vacuum cleaner to suction out “the contents of the uterus” from a cervix which has been forced open. There is no medication given to the baby to lessen the agony of being ripped apart.
  • After 16 weeks the abortionist uses special instruments to tear the legs and arms off the baby. He then punctures the skull and crushes it, then removes (and counts) the body parts. In this procedure the woman may receive medication to deaden the physical pain; however, her baby receives none.
  • Saline abortion is also used after 16 weeks. A salt solution is injected into the amniotic fluid (bag of waters). This solution poisons the baby and burns off the outer layer of skin (with nothing given for pain). The baby actually convulses in pain for an hour or more before death. The woman goes into labor and delivers a dead baby.
  • In the last trimester there are two methods used to abort a baby. One is Hysterotomy, during which an incision is made into the woman's abdomen and uterus (womb). The baby is lifted out and left to die or drowned in a bucket of water.
  • The most barbaric late term abortion performed is Partial Birth Abortion. The provider turns the baby so that he or she is in a breech (or feet first) position. Labor is induced, and the baby is delivered, except for the baby's head. The provider then uses scissors to puncture a hole in the alive and almost born baby's upper neck just below the skull. A tube is inserted, and the baby's brain is suctioned out. The dead baby is then delivered.


  • Before a woman suspects she is pregnant, her baby's heart is already beating.
  • At six weeks a baby is moving, has detectable brains waves, and responds to touch.
  • At eight weeks a baby has fingers, toes and her own set of unique finger prints.
  • At ten weeks she will suck her thumb, swallow and squint. If tickled or prodded, she will move away.
  • At eleven to twelve weeks all body systems are present. With a safe environment, time and nutrition, she has all she needs to become a healthy newborn.